Terminator Cleans

Hey you made it…

Work has slowed down for everyone, especially Terminator Cleans which services 99% Commercial window clients. A SECRET you may not have known about me. I am not just the BEST window washer in California, I am also a COMPETITION TERMINATOR.

With strategic marketing campaigns I help small businesses get more customers with online and offline tactics.

With many of my window cleaning clients I am also providing advertising space on this platform.

Over the years I have accumulated a variety of clients across many different business niches. I service Restaurants, Hair Salons, Supermarkets, Fashion Retailers, Insurance Companies, etc. With this spread of Retail business I am creating an online shopping mall for my site visitors.

From what I have seen online It’s best to associate a Universal type of promotion for an online shopping mall. For instance together we can offer a 22% off store purchases with our rules and stipulations in place.

Alone we are all fighting to get business and customers for our business success. With my shopping mall it creates a team effort a mass promotion and internet linking to create a vested ad rotation for your business that will separate you from your competition by a milestone.

My territory covers San Jose to San Francisco with some businesses in the East Bay.

How does this help you?

As things are slowly returning to normal we are seeing people moving out of the area but the people still here are still commuting back and forth to work everyday from all over. Some people commute all the way from Morgan Hill to Palo Alto or Pleasonton to San Francisco. This is opportunity for you to gain more clients than just in your local area. Let them know about you and offer a Valuable incentive to shop with you.

Your business has it’s own loyal customer base that frequent you, now you have the opportunity to broaden your marketing reach with a new team..a collective of businesses around you, not necessarily your competition, but Friendly Business Associates working with you. We broaden your market reach online and on the physical map.

How does this work?

It starts with the Website. Most businesses have their own website or at least a Yelp or Google My Business, Yellow Pages listing, etc.

We will link to what you have from Klickpay, in return your website will link back to the Klickpay Shopping Mall page where your business is listed. We have categories starting for Apparel, Services, and Restaurants at the moment.

We get worldwide traffic daily, and are beginning to target more local traffic with our online shopping mall which benefits you and your promotions.

We have some unique strategic promotions that we are ready to execute to ensure we get the results we are seeking.

Banners, A Frame signs, Posters, Flyers, Table top displays will be used offline directing people to

SMS messaging service for promotions, social media, YouTube marketing videos, and our website shopping mall page which links back to your websites which link back to Klickpay. This will allow us to capture valuable customer information to further market our business and services.

You can see the foundation for this being laid out on these pages.





What makes this online shopping mall so unique…

Is the fact that this site is monetized by ads and software for the site visitors allowing them to actually earn money when logging on to Klickpay.

  1. Visitors can earn by watching videos, playing games, clicking links on this site. So now they are getting paid to shop in our mall looking at your advertisements, products, and review videos for your store.
  2. In addition the site is recruiting Affiliates on a daily basis to promote Klickpay. Affiliates earn 50% off items bought from the site online store such as digital courses and promotion services.

Are you starting to see how powerful this can be?

We should have a conversation on how to strategically put this promotion together. I have some ideas which are to make a standard 22% off with a promo code per your business.

We can do a co-op promotion stipulating the customer must purchase an outfit from Store 1 (No Discount) to receive 22% off from Store 2

The possibilities of what we can do are limitless. Once I have spoken to all of you I will schedule a conference call to finalize and initiate everything among the entire network joining the online shopping mall.

I can be text directly at 408-646-7182 or by email Filmfighters2013@gmail.com

To join the online shopping mall I charge businesses $100 per year to be listed on Klickpay, but for my valued Window Clients you can join today for just $30 for a whole year to be apart of this Online Shopping Mall promotion.