Super Direct Marketing

Thanks for meeting with me today.

I got something cool to show you that you are going to like.

Its going to decrease your marketing costs and help you to

Never have a slow day at your restaurant.

Even after the shelter in place is over

In the future we want to make sure you have the ability to bring in customers on demand.

Which is the slow day/night of the week?

The key to fixing slow days lies in understanding the 3 core ways your business generates income. And There’s traps that restaurants fall into and their not able to do anything about the slow days and they just accept it.  

1 generate new customers

2. existing customers buy from you more often

‘3 existing customers buy more each time they come back.

How you generate new customers newspaper, tv, radio, social media, they all work but they can be expensive in either in time or money.

Generating new customers is the hardest most expensive thing to get.

We want to focus on something different than time or money.

Build a list of your best customers, how do we get them to come and spend more money?

Give you a tool that you can use a button to push on demand.