GOOD FOOD or BAD FOOD, you will know before you go with the help of the reviews below. No business should grow so big they screw up your order.

It really aggravates me when I want something good but different and decide to spend a little extra for the unknown. Sometimes it’s a good experience I want to repeat and share and sometimes it’s a big mistake to be avoided and is what everyone needs to know. On this page is my list of Best and Worst experiences.



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We make the best recommendations to go based on quality, price, value, and customer service. If any is lacking we will let you know. Before wasting money and trying new things, let Slap Magazine try it for you. We will save you time, money, and heartache.

Ping & Yang Restaurant 2/3/22

955 Larkin St. San Francisco 415-812-7425

I am so glad I stopped at this place. It is no frills mom n pop operations. The catfish nuggets were cooked to order so it’s hot, tender and delicious! Pork ribs and rice was an ok tasty dish but I would have preferred more meat on the ribs.
Fried rice was very good The employees and owner were very nice. The portions are generous. I will be back to try more items from their menu!!

Catfish Nuggets and Pork Ribs Cost $26 worth it.


Tea Plus 2/3/22

2541 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco 415-766-4452

Pretty consistent hours so you won’t forget.

Taro Milk tea is one of my favorite flavors from the menu of Boba teas, usually $5 or more, see pic.

But this place, TEA PLUS (just a few doors down)

TEA PLUS IS WHERE TO GO! 2451 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco

has an everyday promotion for less than $2 for this yummy drink. A must stop and get if you are in San Francisco.


Tea Plus Cost $1.90 well worth it.



#8290 408-259-9090

Now here’s a solid company that has been in business so long they have perfected their business model and improved on every business aspect . No wonder the company stock continues to rise. This is the American Dream of building a business. My order of Salami and sausage with the Mango Habanero chicken wings is one of my favorite orders.

Pizza and wings online 2 for $5.99ea coupon $22 worth it.



314 Columbus Ave. San Francisco 415-398-3555

Went into this convenient spot right around the corner from the Broadway strip. I expected it to be high prices like everything else in north Beach. Where the pizza is tasty and reasonably priced, they make up profits selling cans of soda for $1.95. I could have settled for dollar store soda but what are you gonna do but pay when you’re thirsty. Pizza slice and soda $6.45 worth it.


CARNITAS El Rincon 2/23/22

148 W. Alma Ave. San Jose 408-297-1756

Right across from the DMV waiting for someone on an empty stomach, this temptation was my first pick. First time here wanted to keep it simple. I ordered the Carnitas Super burrito. I won’t order again because they were very skimpy on the cheese and sour cream. Could not taste these items at all. I said no frijoles so the lady over compensated with mushy rice. The Carnitas was one big chunk of meat and this made a very poor burrito. Cost $10 not worth it.


The Village Cafe 2/28/22

1426 Polk Street San Francisco 415-771-9958

Pancake Plate is what I was craving, usually this is one that fills me up unless it’s from McDonald’s or Dennys Grand Slam, but this was one breakfast where the portions were so skimp I could have ordered twice. My better judgement told me to move on. The pancakes were watered down and needed a flavor added to them and the cheese I ordered for my eggs was not the kind to use. Overall it was ok but nothing made me really wanna go back. Pancake eggs and bacon, $13 Not worth it.


City Bagels. 2/9/22

52 W. Santa Clara St. San Jose

Nice drinks, coffee, smoothies, boba teas, all under one roof. Grab one to go with your donut, cross ain’t, or bagel. Always love coming here.

First important thing I would like to point out about how to recognize a good restaurant to eat at. HOW CLEAN IS IT ?

I love how the owners put in the time and effort to keep the establishment clean, all the way to the storefront windows. You will notice how important this is when we review some locations that should be shutdown on appearance, as if their windows carry the COVID virus in visible form. Okay enough about windows.

I enjoy the breakfast sausage crossaint sandwiches, larger than anywhere else. I have grown a liking to their Taro tea and an addiction to the delicious AVACADO SMOOTHIE made fresh, it’s so yummy and tasty everyone in the world should try it once. Love these guys and their dope website.

This business rates high because of the quality and cleanliness. Even their windows are kept spotless by Terminator Cleans. The only bad part about this place is they are not open 24 hours so the nightlife always misses out on this good thing. Gotta get there before 1pm.

$2-$8 food and drinks worth it.


Mollie Stone’s 2/2/22

As I often work near one of these markets I often go grab a bite from their delicious deli. They switch up entrees daily and is kept warm and fresh. Unfortunately every good business has area where they can step it up.

I have learned the lesson to avoid eating at the deli near closing, 4 and 5pm may leave you with a bitter attitude. I sure had one after paying $13 for old hard rice and dry wings. I’m always a fan of Mac and cheese but it didn’t make up for what I paid. More quality control is needed on the deli food near closing. It was crap but I couldn’t get a refund as I already left and ate what I could. Never get food from this deli near closing or at least give it a thorough inspection and a taste.

Mollie Stone’s cost $13 not worth it.



I had a 6 week craving for a good lamb gyro from this place for about 4 months. There must have been a change on the assembly line because when I made my order on one occasion and my gyro was missing fries and had extra onions making it bitter tasting. I was eating and driving and upset. I called the restaurant they took my name and said they would make me another one when I came back in. Fine, ok I go back in 3 weeks and they lost my name but after explaining the situation the manager took my order no charge. I would have been satisfied but the girl behind the cash register had such an attitude it made me not want to return. The gyro I left with also had too much onions. There are two staff members who need to be reprimanded and retrained. Mystery Boss.

Gyro with lamb and extra onions $12 not worth it.


Hawaiian Drive In 2/9/22

1095 Fully Road, San Jose 408-292-0783

Hardly ever disappoints this franchise has grown with many locations throughout the Bay area. After years of being a customer I have no doubts this is a spot that is here to stay. With fans from every Nationality going for lunch and dinner everyday it’s no wonder this place has stood the test of time and survived the pandemic’s peak. I have always ordered a BBQ Combination plate. This location is a little pricey than others charging $15 so I got the Teryaki Steak and rice instead. Delicious and. Tasty as expected. Look forward to trying other things on this Hawaiian Menu.

Teriyaki plate costs $13 worth it.


ARBY’S 2/16/22

601 South Bernardo Ave. Sunnyvale 408-732-9088

Haven’t been to an Arby’s in years so my curiosity was peaked from recent commercials as I passed by one this afternoon. There was a poster advertising 2 for $6, so trying them out I went for that value and ordered 2 Beef n Cheddars. They made a mistake and gave me sandwiches with no cheese. See photo below.

I went to return them and they made it right and made me feel better. If there is room for improvement it is with management and the corporate office. I noticed errors on the receipt because the Spanish speaking cashier who took my order was not named John Doe and the area code on Sunnyvale is 408 so I’m wondering why it says area code 304 on the receipt.

The correct sandwiches I received were ok but tasted like they poured a watered down cheese sauce over the roast beef instead of using the real thing. The BBQ sauce was very cheap and borderline nasty. The catsup tasted funny with my fries and after my meal I looked back and it was Arby’s sauce.

2 Beef n Cheddars $6 Mediocre.


Let’s Talk Chicken


El Camino Real, Redwood City

So many of these places popped up years ago and I never had the chance to try. The menu was always a little pricey to me. They always get customers so I decided to go try one day.

Not sure what all the hype is about but I found nothing special about this place to justify the prices. I ordered 2 different flavors, lemon pepper and the blank. They made me wait 15 minutes for the order because it was fresh chicken cooked to order. That was the only thing you’re paying for here because it sure ain’t the flavor. I assumed if you are going to charge slot for chicken it should taste flavorful as well as be fresh and real. Thank God for the sauce, which at best I describe as mediocre. One time visit, not interested in trying again. On to the next chicken spot.

2 orders chicken $26 Not worth it.



Woodside Road Redwood city

Sadly this was another Franchise with a bigger marketing budget than quality management. Passed this place up a few times because of the HEAVY police presence. Sorry I hate eating around guns. One day there were no cops in the parking lot. I waited in the drive thru. The customer took my order and told me another customer would come take my cash because they were only equipped to take credit cards. So waiting in line and in a standby area I stepped out to pay another cashier for my food. I waited in the car as several cars who were in line behind me were getting their food and leaving.

I don’t know what happened here but after 20 minutes I get my chicken sandwich and not only did management provide a terrible experience the sandwich was kind of tasty but small and not equal to the value of what I paid. I have since lost my receipt and have not been able to get a refund. I would like to experiment with this menu but fearful of the next experience taking too much time and being mishandled. Smh.

Chicken Sandwich $8 Barely worth it.



Kirk’s Steakburgers.

Town and Country Village, Palo Alto

The Smokehouse is a delightful treat I fell in love with from Day one. From the burger taste, to the crisp fried onions. The cheddar cheese adds the flavor you want to get out of a CHEESE BURGER. Definitely prefer this beef on the bun, Not the Roll. My number one recommendation and Slap Magazine giveaway in Palo Alto. This is one of the most delicious cheese burgers I have ever tasted.

Smokehouse burger costs $11 well worth it.


Super Duper 2/1/22

721 Market St. San Francisco

This was a great burger. First time impression was pretty good looking over the menu and at the tables. Good burger for a practical price, this is a place I will be revisiting.

1 Mini Burger cost 8, worth it.


Mc DONALD’S 2/22/22

709 Woodside Rd. Redwood City (650)568-3319

This is routine eating for convenience. Customer service is ok but the menu is mislabeled. $3.29 on the menu and $3.99 on my receipt for the Triple cheeseburger. Other than that it was everything you’d expect for a Mc Donald’s experience.

Small chocolate shake, Triple Cheeseburger. $7 worth it.


more to come.

This list will continue as the Magazine finds more places to review.

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