We are filming events and marketing videos for businesses around the Bay Area. By coordinating with a vast team of talent and businesses this is a Youtube series being shot scene by scene along a story arc leading up to the release of Matrix 4 starring Keanu Reeves 12/22/21, believed to be the leaked release date.

The Meaning of life…

How much influence and control over how many souls in your life time, will you lead toward the path of good or evil? This is what we will all be judged on and should be the basis on how we live our lives. This is the meaning of life if you didn’t already know. The Matrix can only keep you imprisoned if you allow it. Free your mind.

Just for visiting this page, Bay Area residents are invited to enter to win our $500 Shopping Spree valid at various malls and retail stores in the Bay Area.

Cast n Crew

Fight Director/Choreographer

Lex Luther TC

Script writer/Assistant coordinator

Timothy A Slater

Stunt Coordinator

Durand Garcia

Film Crew

Marco Aguilar

This could be a possible follow up to Matrix Reborn



If you would like to be a vendor or sponsor for these or other events please text the word Vendor or Sponsor to 415-724-1669. We need money for event and film production.


Business Marketing Videos $200-1000

Vendors $50

Sponsors $500 and up

First Event

We need to show our kids more love and a better world. When I was growing up I never experienced a car show. Not till I was and adult, seasoned hip hop artist and a promoter til I experienced my first car show. I think this is an event that can bring families together for a great time so I will be producing the first of its kind here in the Bay Area creating history.

During the live filming of the car show we will be looking for children with unique and extraordinary abilities. These are potentials who may possess the anamolies code and must see the Oracle. The Oracle will make an appearance at one of the car shows.

Second Event

Working with some great chefs and numerous restaurants we will be hosting the Bay Area Burger Contest July 30th in Palo Alto. This is a burger and wine pairing event for the sophisticated connesuer of fine wine and foods.

This event is created by Matrix programs who are suppose to research and discover new flavors that work together to appease the humans connected to the Matrix. In this event they are seeking the best beef and wine combination as a special order from the Maravenjian.

Third Event

Part one in Vallejo CA July 24th and Part two in San Diego CA August 6th are parties thrown by the Marovenjian where conflicts of violence and chase take place.

We are seeking a variety of actors, actresses, and extras in the Bay Area to volunteer to participate in this production. Please text Matrix to 415-724-1669.

Lex Luther is known for discovering Metahumans. Reality crosses the fictional line as you will see from these videos below.

Unexplained Phenomenon

Aliens, Angels, Or Metahumans

Who are these superheroes? Where do they come from? I am Lex Luther and with videos like these that I discovered, being shot from live dash cams and Street light cams it makes me wonder not whether he exists, but where is Superman?

Speedster caught on the freeway, Flash apparently has a dog with super speed. Looks like a Beagle. Who is the teleporter? If you have seen other videos or know who or where these characters maybe, email

This next video needs a Vietnamese translator to tell what happened on the bus. Telekinesis..

These are the videos that get Red pill noticed by the Marovenjian and the Oracle. The Oracle sends a protector to help wake him up while the Marovenjian programs are hunting him down to recruit him or kill him.