In the time I have put this magazine together, I am beginning to realize the promotional power of its function. Like the Radio Is used to get your music heard by new ears, the magazine get your face recognized by new eyes.

In Addition to the print magazine we post frequently on social media and continue to bring traffic back to this website where we continue to promote your music.

Facial recognition with your name is what game is about. This familiarity will have people questioning you on the street about your music and shows. We promote you, And you promote the Magazine with other artists and businesses with ads .

This increases the visibility of the Magazine exponentially. Operating in Northern California we already are attracting interest in Chicago and Detroit. You can see how the magazine can grow your image quickly after a few short months.

With the power of the magazine we know that it’s not all that is needed so we have added a collection of DJs across the United States making up the Slap Radio Network. These DJs will play your music and announcements as long as you are in the Magazine.

On top of the Radio Network and Magazine promotion with Slap you can get on board a range of showcases and events. Explore your options on the site and feel free to email any questions to