T shirts are coming

We welcome sponsors and vendors

Proceeds going to fund the Bay Area Film Project by Bay Bizz TV.

Number 1 the 3 on 3 tournaments will follow state and local Health Department covid guidelines for holding safe outdoor events .

Number 2 the on-site player registration process will be streamlined, allowing for a social distancing experience. The check-in system will be divided into separate Youth and adult areas. Players can electronically sign their waivers online, before arriving at the tournaments, when they register at clickpay. Net / 3 on 3.

Number 3 players & Spectators space around the basketball court will be marked for best social distancing practices.

Number 4 tournaments May limit the number of teams allowed to play based on current covid regulations.

Number 5 Klickpay will provide hand sanitizing stations and supplies near each court.

Number 6 Klickpay will provide full refund to all teams registered for a tournament that is canceled due to covid issues. Please visit the local current page for specific covid related rules for that event.

We are currently seeking sponsors for prizes for winning teams for each game day until the Final game where the winning team is awarded the grand prize of $1500.

More info at Korekbbq@gmail.com

1pm teams assemble

2:30pm Games begin

4:30pm 3 Point Contest

5:30pm Slam Dunk Contest